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Coronado real estate has several features that make it unique in the San Diego real estate market.  The most obvious is that Coronado homes are quite isolated geographically.  There are only two ways on or off of the island.  First, the Coronado bridge which connects to Interstate 5 just south of downtown San Diego, and; Second, the causeway along the Coronado Cays which connects to Imperial Beach.  The minimal amount of through-traffic makes Coronado feel like a small town with a close sense of community.

Another outstanding feature of Coronado real estate is the large number of Coronado homes that have boat slips along the Coronado Cays.  Very few San Diego homes have their own boat docks.  South Coronado is a haven for sailing and yachting enthusiasts.  The boating community is very active, with the Coronado Yacht club serving as a major social hub.  The yacht club is located at 1631 Strand Way, at the North end of the Silver Strand, North of the Coronado Cays.

Coronado homes range from small single-story houses that were built as navy housing during and after World War II, to sprawling estate properties that were built as primary and secondary residences for extremely wealthy families.  There are a number of high-rise condominium complexes just south of the Village of Coronado. Single family houses in Coronado with boat docks are found in the Coronado Cays, South of the village and just North of Imperial Beach.

The Village of Coronado has a wealth of shopping and dining establishments.  There is a fair amount of tourist activity in the area, but residents of the island also enjoy the sidewalk cafés, fine dining, and entertainment.  The Hotel Del Coronado is perhaps the most well-known attraction on the island.  It is the largest wooden hotel structure remaining in the United States, and it has a long and illustrious history.  But there are a many other attractions in Coronado, including wonderful shops, restaurants, a golf course, parks, and incredible wide sandy beaches.

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Below are the most recent listings of Coronado homes for sale.  Adjust the search criteria to view Coronado houses, town homes, condominiums, and multiple-unit investment properties.  Coronado real estate is quite pricey, so don’t be surprised if there are very few Coronado homes for sale under $1 Million.

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