Flipping San Diego Foreclosures

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Buying and selling foreclosure properties can mean quick profits. Foreclosed homes in San Diego and throughout the U.S. are typically sold at prices from 15% to 40% below market value. So buying foreclosures can bring instant equity to a real estate investment. The amount of the discount depends upon the nature and timing of the purchase. But opportunities to invest, fix and flip foreclosed houses, town homes, and condos exist at every step of the process.

Foreclosed homes in San Diego can be purchased at trustees sales. These are auctions that are held on the steps of the county courthouse. Buyers at foreclosure auctions can realize the greatest savings and upside potential. But the auction process is generally too risky and cumbersome for individual home owners. Typical buyers at trustee sales are investment companies and partnerships that intend to fix and flip the homes at a profit. Buyers must be prepared to thoroughly investigate the condition of the properties prior to the auction, and monitor the properties right up to the time that the gavel falls. And payment at the auctions must be made by cashier checks at the close of the auction. This requires a degree of liquidity that most individuals do not have.

Investors who buy homes at San Diego foreclosure auctions frequently intend to make improvements to the property and offer the homes for immediate resale. But there are potential pitfalls to avoid with flipping properties. First, even if a buyer is willing to buy at the new price, appraisers may be skeptical of the higher sale price. A low appraisal can make it impossible for the next buyer to get a loan. So the listing agent of the property must be prepared with information to support the higher value. Data on recent sales of comparable homes as well as receipts for improvements to the property prior to the flip are critical in this regard.

Also in regard to the new buyer’s loan, it makes a difference whether the new loan is conventional (20% down payment) or an FHA loan. Until recently, it was nearly impossible for a buyer to get an FHA loan on a property that had been purchased at foreclosure and flipped in less than 90 days. More recent FHA guidelines allow short-term flips, but competent handling by an experienced loan officer is important. For properties that are being flipped in less than 90 days, questions include: 1) As a flip, was it a true conversion with structural, internal repairs, and upgrades, or was it merely a “coat of paint” conversion? 2) Is the agreed upon purchase price more than 20% greater than the investor’s purchase value? 3) Has the property been bought/sold more than once during the 90-day period?

For FHA loans on properties that are being flipped in less than 90 days, if the purchase price is 20% or higher than the prior purchase price, FHA will require two appraisals by FHA appraisers. FHA will also require a home inspection by an FHA inspector selected by the lender (not by the buyer). If there has been more than one sale/purchase in the 90-day period, the FHA is unlikely to approve the loan. Otherwise, subject to the two satisfactory FHA appraisals and the FHA physical inspection, an FHA loan is likely to be approved.

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  • Your market must be doing better than ours. In Arizona there is not enough of a margin on foreclosures to successfully flip for a profit without significant improvements or renovations.

  • I think there are a number of states that don’t have enough of a margin for profits on flips. However, some places are ideal! I think this is part of the reason it’s so important to do research prior to breaking into real estate investment. Without a solid research base, there’s no way to understand all of the factors that affect a property’s value.

  • In the case of some senior homeowners, foreclosure can be avoided through the reverse mortgage process. Since reverse mortgage proceeds can pay off an existing first mortgage, if payments are late, a foreclosure may be avoided all together.

  • Del Mar Vacation Rentals says:

    Buying foreclosures in San Diego is becoming more and more profitable. These folks have a good handle on this for sure.

  • Nico says:

    If you are a first time home buyer or home flipper, do not look to buy a foreclosed home. Or, if you want to flip a house as quickly as possible, the endless paperwork with a foreclosed property is not worth it. However, for more experience home buyers and flippers, flipping foreclosed homes is certainly a viable option.

  • Every real estate transaction has certain tax effects upon the parties involved. Often there are steps that can be taken to reduce or postpone taxes.

  • We’ve been seeing a lot more flipping here in Phoenix. Although we do have a lot of newer housing, it’s nice to see some of the older neighborhoods being revitalized with the foreclosure-remodel-flipping that’s been going on.

  • Buying and selling foreclosed properties can be helpful to earn some quick profits. One of my close friend is doing the business and is earning hefty profits. But one should be very careful before making the investment or his whole investment can be at stake and can have to suffer huge loss.

  • Homes For Sale says:

    Wow, incredible weblog structure! How lengthy have you been blogging for? you make blogging glance easy. The whole look of your website is fantastic, as smartly as the content material!

    • Geoff Geoff says:

      Thanks for your comments. I’ve been a San Diego real estate blogger for a long time. Hopefully I’ve learned a thing or two!

  • The prices of Foreclosures here in Las Vegas has greatly dropped since the market went down, so investing is huge here.

    • Geoff Geoff says:

      I know that’s the truth. I’ve got investors here in San Diego who are buying condos in Las Vegas for about 30 cents on the dollar. Our condo prices in San Diego are down about 50% in some neighborhoods, and less toward the coast. There is more interest with flipping houses in San Diego than condos. Is that the same in Las Vegas?

  • Super Help says:

    I think investment in real state is really a great way to earn money but every real estate transaction has certain tax effects upon the parties involved.

    • Geoff Geoff says:

      Real estate investors here in the U.S. enjoy the tax-free benefits of the 1031 Exchange. Let me know if you’d like additional information about tax-deferred exchanges.